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PORTOWORLD is the abbreviation of ‘ Port - To - World '.

PORTOWORLD has been actively engaged for the last 15 years in Wellness Business, Internationally. The activities of PORTOWORLD include, Innovating research based Unique Wellness Products and exporting them to the World, identifying unique Life saving and Life Extending Products and Importing them to India . PORTOWORLD, strongly believes in offering WHOLISTIC SOLUTION to Human Problems and Sufferings and has so far released more than 25 Unique Wellness Products to the World in the last 3 Years.

Led ably by its Founder Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan , who is an MD in Alternative Medicines and a Ph.D in Geopathic Stress , PORTOWORLD has already brought to the World, many FIRST of its kind Wellness Products, which are all aimed at eliminating the Root Cause of the Problems and not the Symptoms alone. PORTOWORLD is now offering to the World a complete solution to Cancer Management and Prevention of Cancer. Environmental Positive Energy Enhancer Products of PORTOWORLD are proven and are well received in many countries. PORTOWORLD's innovation Geopathic Stress Neutralizer Pads are used in many Western Countries and in India with very great effect.

PORTOWORLD's Research on EMF and Mobile Phone Radiation has brought to the World , RADISAFE - Mobile Phone Radiation and Heat Harmonizer which is currently used in more than 15 countries besides its extensive use in INDIA . Soon, the Mobile Tower Radiation Guard is going to be released to the World. PORTOWORLD is working overtime to release to the World another 15 first of its kind Life Saving and Life Extending products before the end of the year 2010.

PORTOWORLD sincerely thank all those positive minded people around the World who are blessed to use these products and enjoy a qualitative life. Our Mission continues…..

We do the Anti Radiation Mobile Chip in your Brand name.We do it for more than 50 Brands of the worl
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Energize Positively your Negative Infested place within minutes, using Powerful Navratna Pyramids.
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Drop this Energy Ball in water and use the water for plants to get 300% additional yield/flowering.
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Acupressure Nail Mat provides instant relaxationa and proper blood circulation.
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World's most efficient & most economical Fuel Saver which can be used in all class of vehicles.
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