Radisafe and Heetgon Anti Radiation Chips:

We are the World leaders in Mobile Phone Radiation Shielding Technology. We are the innovators/Manufacturers/Patent Holders/Trade Mark Holders of World Class Brands RADISAFE and HEETGON. These products are marketed in more than 25 countries of the world for more than 6 years. These products carry International Certifications, Clinical Studies of 100s of subjects and numerous other tests. No other similar product in the world has passed similar tests like Radisafe and Heetgon. Beware of Duplcate Radisafe from China, Delhi and Jaipur selling in the name of Radisafe. They are Fakes and Duplicates and donot function. BEWARE ! Don't get cheated with these Fake products and earn bad name from your clients.

Radisafe is round in shape and shileds more than 99.5% Electro Magnetic Radiation and prevents more than 80% of Heating of Mobile Phones.
Heetgon is square in shape and Shields more than 95% of Electro Magnetic Radiation and prevents more than 80% of Mobile phone Heating.
View complete International Certifications/Clinical Reports/World Testimonials from our websites radisafe dot co and heetgon dot com. You can e mail us for Bulk Prices. BEWARE OF DUPLICATES CARRYING THE NAME OF RADISAFE. THEY ARE FAKE AND NONE OF THEM WORK. Look for our 'Portoworld' Hologram in our packs.They are only original. Dno't be fooled by lower prices of Fake and Duplicate products.

View and  for complete World Reports / Clinical Reports /  World Testimonials.