Testing your energy level has never been easier than this !
' MY ENERGY ‘ Human Energy Tester helps to measure your energy level in seconds !  One can test  his/her energy level before and after a particular every human act has an impact on the energy level of the person concerned.
‘ MY ENERGY ’ helps you to make a decision as to what is most advantageous to you, which is good and which is bad for you ! 


The upper half of My Energy Tester has been imprinted with Nos 1 to 8 and No 1 representing the lowest Energy level and No. 8 representing the highest Energy level of the user. The user has to press the My Energy Tester to his/her full potential and the number indicated after pressing the Tester is the energy level of the user. Note the energy levels after every operation and make judgements.



Keep the item to be tested in one hand and with the other hand press the MY ENERGY Tester in full vigor with 2 fingers ( thumb and  fore finger only) and note the reading.
Repeat the same exercise without the item on hand.
Note the difference in energy levels before and after. Make observation and take the right decision on using a product , as it could be energy enhancing or energy depleting !
The item could be energy enhancing or energy depleting !
Make the right decision about the usage of the item and enjoy a healthy life!
One can select the right energy enhancing product from a host of products from the shelves of a super market in seconds with this Energy Tester!

The effectiveness of Scalar Energy products can be tested in minutes by the user himself! 

Manufacturers of various health products, dietary supplements , medicines , health gadgets etc., can use  ‘ MY ENERGY’ tester to demonstrate the EFFECTIVENESS of their products in seconds, as indicated by enhanced energy levels.
The most credible happening here is that the user himself is conducting his own energy test !
According to Applied Kinesiology theory Truth makes us Strong ! Lies make us Weak.With ‘ MY ENERGY’  tester you can find out if a person speaks the truth or otherwise!
‘MY ENERGY’  Tester  could be your Life time Guide and companion. Carry it with you always!

PRICE: Rs 850

Conceived and produced by: PORTOWORLD, INDIA .