After years of Research we have created this sensational Energizer Pad, which we are sure will be the ultimate penacea for many human sufferings.



Universal Energizer Pad is created, based on Indian Vedic Principles and is totally Non Invasive and harmless. It is charged with more than 1 million Angstrom units (Bovis Units) of Positive Energy permanently using the treasure of Vedic Principles.


Positively Energizes drinking water many times, within 30 minutes.

Energized water whwn consumed helps to remove Toxins from body and helps to increase immunity.

Energized water when taken, activates all 7 Chakras of the body within minutes!

Energized water facilitates a sound sleep in the night.

Retains freshness of fruits, vegetables, milk, curd etc., and increases their energy levels.

Eliminates toxins considerably from Toxic eatables and drinks.

Positively charges any eatable items, including Medicines.

Highly energizes food we eat , with the plate on the Pad.

Harmonizes Mobile Phone Radiation for 24 hours when kept over night on the Pad.

Highly vitalizes Hair oils, Soaps, Shampoos, Body creams etc.,

Works as a good pain reliever when kept over or under the paining areas.

Relieves stress considerably when used as a seat under the Chair cushion and helps to increase productivity considerably. Does enormous good to IT Professionals who are highly stressed lot.


Note: The above points are summarized based on individual user testimonials.
This product is not intended to Diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
This is not a medical Product but only a Non Invasive Energizer Pad based on Vedic Principles. Results may vary from person to person .No claims are made and no guarantee is given.


According a French Energy Scientist called either Antoine or Alfred Bovis (1871-1947), who invented the technique of quantifying the energy levels in Bovis Units (named after him)a number of 6,500 Angstrom( Bovis Scale) Units is considered "neutral", lower figures affect human "energies" negatively, higher numbers positively. Numbers above 10,000 are in the "ethereal range", considered Places of power.

It is a shocking fact that the water we drink ( all over the world) has an average Bovis energy levels of 2000 to 2500 Angstroms only , which is much below the neutral or break even energy level of 6500 Angstrom Bovis Units. When the drinking water is kept over the Eergizer Pad for just 30 minutes, the atom molecules are activated , dissolved Oxygen content in the drinking water goes up and consequently the energy levels in the water touches more tha 100 000 Angstrom Bovis units. The laboratory Test Reports show an increased level of Oxygen content in the water kept over the Energizer Pad.


LABORATORY REPORT GIVEN BY M/S.HUBERT ENVIRO CARE SYSTEMS (P) LTD ( An Associate of Hubert Stavoren B.V.Holland) after Testing the Energized Water.

Summary of the Report:


Client's Name: Portoworld
Address of the client: H 6A,Krupa Colony, First Avenue,Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600 083 INDIA.


1. High Bovis Rating:

The electrons in the Energized Water molecules are LEFT spinning ( ie. anti clock wise) which is considered positive. The elecetons rotated much faster than normal thereby indicating that the energized water has higher Bovis Rating.

2. Available Oxygen:

Available Oxygen content in the Energized Water is 8.0 mg/l ( Dissolved Oxygen) which is more than thenormal level of 6-6.5 mg/l

Chennai 600 083 INDIA.

Some of the user TESTIMONIALS are given below for ready reference:

I have been using Energizer Pad for the past 1 month. What an amazing changes I could notice within the first 3 days itself! Being a Diabetic, first of all my energy levels have reached newer heights after I started consuming the energized water. I am feeling energized throughout the day, which never used to be the condition before. I am able to considerably increase the eating time in between 2 meals. I am enjoying a good sound sleep now than before. Numbness in my legs and tingling feeling below the feet have completely gone. For the past 3 months my mother ( 80 years) is suffering from water oozing from her eyes which she has to wipe out through out the day!. Within 2-3 days of consumption of energized water! Water oozing has completely stopped and she is enjoying a very good sleep! When she kept the Energizer Pad under the paining areas like hip, knees and shoulders all her pains have vanished in no time!

N.S +91 98401 93916 / 98840 59916

I happened to meet an old Lady in one of the Ashrams in Andhra Pradesh, who was suffering from severe Arthritic pains in her hand, fingers and wrist for the past one year, non stop. When I asked her to keep her fingers between two mats, one above and one below her wrist and fingers, within 7 minutes the pain had completely gone! She was jumping and crying in joy! Two Doctors, one from Germany and the other from California USA were witness to this miracle! It is more than 10 days now that the pain has not recurred!

Mr.VSS +91 9382633399

I am a Reiki master. I tested the CHAKRA ENERGY levels of 2 of my patients and found that 4 CHAHRAS were blocked for one patient and 3 chakras were blocked for the other. I gave them the ordinary bottled water and checked their chakras. There were no changes. Then I gave them the energized water, which was kept on the Energizer Pad hardly for 10 minutes. To my surprise I found that all the Chakras were immediately activated. Now I have started giving energized water to all my patients who come to me for chakra balancing with amazing results! It’s a great invention for the benefit of the humanity. Keep it up!

V.S +91 9380756215

I tested the Energizer Pad for a friend of mine who had since years a Psoriasis ( skin disease) with no medicaments able to help him. After 3 days only with drinking energized water, the Psoriasis disappeared.
Prof.Yvues Primault, GeoBio Switzerland, Applicated Research Study in Geobiology, Honorary Professor at the International University of Milano.


Dear Mr. Kannan,

Please find here my report on the use of the Universal Energizer Pads.

Report on the tests done with the Universal Energiser Pad

As a professional geobiologist, I already worked with some energising systems :
- the Plocher board giving to the aliments and drinks placed on it an energy of 10'000 Å (Angström, the units used with the Bovis scale)
- the Curchod Form Emitting systems which are able to neutralize all the geopathic nets as Hartmann, Curry, Romani.
- The purification candles rising the house energy to millions of Å

When I received the pads, I tested :

- the physical energy : more than 4 millions Å
- the psychical energy : more than 5 mio Å
- the spiritual energy : more than 6 mio Å
- the efficiency of the product : more than 95 %
- the energy of the product : more than 95 %
- the aura of the product : pale pink (affable heart, love of the fellow-
creature, need to love)
- with the Lecher-Antenna set on 1.1 (mental search of the sacred) the antenna reacted, designing a « sacred » product (as it can occur for Bouddha representations or Christ representations)
- with the Lecher-Antenna set on 6.9 and 7.9 the antenna reacted, designing the Hartmann grid. When I placed the pad on the Hartmann knot facing up and the mention « Universal Energizer » directed to the north, the north-south grid disappeared. When I put the pad on the Hartmann knot facing up and the mention « Universal Energizer » directed to the east, the west-east grid disappeared. The grid disappears not only in the whole house, but also in the garden and only for the rays passing through the house
- same effects with the Lecher-Antenna placed on 8.2 and 15.6 for the NW-SE
and NE-SW Curry grid
- same effects with the Lecher-Antenna placed on 8.7 and 18.1 for the N-S and
E-W Romani grid
- when I placed the pad on the general fuses (electrical) of the house, the energy of the whole house grew to millions of Å and the house is percepted as « sacred » till about 20 meters all around it. But the energy of the house is much to high for the sleep and I removed the pad for the night. The next day, the house energy was still at 500'000 Å.
- I tested the pad for a friend of mine who had since years a psoriasis with no medicaments able to help him : after 3 days only with drinking energised water, the psoriasis disappeared
- Tests concerning the thermal axis of persons in touch with electrical pollutions. The axis is mesured on 2.5 on the Lecher-Antenna. For unpolluted persons, this axis begins at the left shoulder and ends at the right shoulder. If the person is « normal », the axis remains between the shoulders. If the person is energised, the axis grows and is larger than the shoulders but still centered. If the person is electrically polluted
- the axis moves to the left. The more the person is polluted, the more the
axis moves to the left, and can also leave the body.
- person « normal » in house « normal » : centered
- person « pad in hand » in house « normal » : centered and larger
- person « mobile in hand » in house « normal » : to the left
- person « mobile +pad in hand » in house « normal » : centered
- person « mobile after a night on pad» in house « normal » : centered
- person « normal» in house « padered » : centered and larger
- person « mobile in hand » in house « padered» : centered and larger

- Tests on the « negative green ». Lecher-Antenna placed at 1.1 with mental search of negative green.
- computer « normal » in house « normal » : pollution to negative green
- computer « on pad » in house « normal » : no pollution to negative green
- computer « normal » in house « padered» : no pollution to negative green

I go on with the tests and shall keep you on touch.

Best regards

Prof.Yves Primault
GeoBio Switzerland
Applcated Research Study in Geobiology
Honorary Professor at the International University of Milano

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