The Most Powerful Yantra Embedded with Very High Prosperity Frequencies


                                       First of its kind in the World !


Prosperity being the bottom line requirement of every individual in this World ,  no wonder  everyone is  

desperately  looking into the ways and means of bringing  in  the much needed prosperity into their  lives.

Instant Prosperity Yantra is definitely the ultimate answer  to this never ending  search !........  Yes.

This ultimate Prosperity  Yantra is quite different in many ways than many others now available in the World.


                                                            4 in 1 SUPER POWER YANTRA


Instant Prosperity Yantra,  measuring 12 inches x 8 inches in size,  encompasses 4 different most powerful

Yantras  in one Yantra, thereby making it the most powerful  Prosperity Yantra in the World in terms of

Prosperity Energy Levels.


Most importantly, this Prosperity Yantra is Embedded with very powerful Prosperity Frequencies  using our

Proprietory Unique Frequency Embedding Technology , thus satisfying the basic frequency principle

for every success.  



Be aware that the World runs on Frequencies and the right Frequency produces RIGHT RESULTS!



Many people who are using this Yantra with absolute faith and sincerity have reported excellent results

within few days itself. Many unexpected positive developments and surprises have been reported

by the users. It can happen to you too!  





BE THE FIRST ITEM  TO ENTER YOUR HOUSE FOR REAPING INSTANT PROSPERITY BENEFITS.                                                                                        







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MRP : Rs 6300/- ( all inclusive)


NOTE: Look for our Hologram on the cover and on the Yantra to ensure genuineness.


I started using the Instant Prosperity Yantra with great dedicatin and all faith. My only prayer was to have an apartment of our own and adequate finances to have the same. Exactly on the 19th day , my husband called me up from Singapore and informed to go ahead  with booking an apartment as he had got increments which can take care of the new apartment. I immediately booked the new apartment. We never had  the required resoureces 20 days back and it happenned now all of a sudden!  I totally attribute this development to this Prosperity Yantra , which is totally different from all other Yantra I tried before.

I strongly recommend this Yantra to all the deserving people who aspire for finances to fulfil their requirements. But have strong faith before you start with your Beej Mantra pooja for the day.

Ms Shruthi Sreeram/ Chennai  Mob: 09094953406


I was informed by a pious Lady from Villivakkam, Chennai , when me and my husband were struggling to recover our business dues from varios people. I bought this Instant Prosperity Yantra and me and my husband started  to work on this Yantra with sincerely and total faith. To our great surprise, we started getting back most of our dues one after another within 40 days. We could not believe this as many dues were earlier written off as unrecoverable.

We redeemed our jewels pledged and that also gave us great happiness. Many things are even now happnning everyday. We are very happy ever since we got involved with this Yantra. It is really a super Power Yantra. This I am sure is the right answer to many suffering people like me . Please have faith and dedication when you do the Beeja Mantra pooja and have continuous faith. Otherwise it will not work. This is our experience.

Mr & Mrs. SYS, Chennai


My friend and spiritual Guru Shri. Vedantham introduced me to Instant Prosperity Yanra. He knew I was struggling with my finances in my business and I was not  getting what I deserve for the efforts I put in. I am generally a believer in God and therefore I instantly took this Yantra and started with my prayers on a Friday. I could instantly feel a good amount of positive vibrations in my body . I am feeling mentally happy on doing pooja over this Yantra. I must definitely say that ever since I started doing Beeja Mantra over this Yantra, I started noticing very good positive develoments taking place around me on my finances. I received a huge advance money towards a new job, with which I am now managing many of my other problems. The positive trend is continuing and I am experiencing lots of good happennings every day.  This Yantra is a Varaprasadam for everyone who struggles for money.

Natarajan .Sundaram, Bangalore