Many Offices ,Work places,Hotels etc., experience reduced Positive Energies as the day progresses, because the place may have been infested with Negative Energies left behind by different kinds of visitors. This will ultimately hamper the harmony, productivity and fortunes of the Organization, which no Organization can afford .

Therefore in order to keep the Office Reception and work place or a House totally Positive throughout the day, we have created this Most Powerful AURA ENHANCER PAINTING,which generates Positive Energy equivalent to 35 Lakh Bovis Units.



3 ft x 3 ft Painting:   Rs 3000/- 


4 ft x 4 ft Painting:   Rs 5000/-


5 ft x 5 ft Painting    Rs 6000/-  


The Painting will be sent as a roll / folded and you have to frame and hang it at the appropriate place.