This Pendant is easily the most powerful prosperity energy vibrating gadget in the world.  

This aesthetically crafted 24 Carat Gold coated Pendant is permanently impregnated with 150 Hours of Vedic and Upanishad Mantra chants related to Prosperity, Wealth, Success and Happiness. The Mantra Frequency Embedding is done using a Frequency Embedding Machine imported from USA. 

One should be blessed to have this pendant  in his/her possession, as it emits  a Prosperity Energy level of more than 128 Crore Bovis units, which is not recorded for any other product in the World. This Pendant should easily be the Gateway to your Prosperity in abundance.  

PRICE:  Rs 2800/- all inclusive.  

The Pendant will be sent by Courier anywhere within India immediately on receipt of the amount into our Bank Account.

Our Bank A/c: ICICI Bank A/c No: 007705009128-PORTOWORLD, KK Nagar, Chennai 600 078 INDIA. RTGS No: ICIC0000077.