WONDER-SAVE is a Unique Energy based Petrol and Diesel Saver.
Drop the fuel saver piece in the fuel tank of Trucks, Lorries, Busses,Tractors,Generators etc., by string & Magnett mechanism given with the kit. 

As soon as the unit touches the petrol/diesel, it gets highly energized, and stars giving the following results:

1) 16% to 35% to increased mileage.

2) Increased pick up of the vehicle.

3) Smooth engine function

4) 80% reduction in carbon emission.

Install WONDERSAVE only once and forget about it for life time. Already used by more than 50 000 Truck/Bus owners all over India. View our website for complete product details. If you are interested in distributing this unique gadget, e mail us for distributor prices.

e mail:     Phone : 044 420 33 766