This Rudraksha bead is highly energized and embedded with very High Frequency.     (Matching Navapashana Frequency). One should be aware that Navapashana is considered to be an Elixir (Amrutha) by Siddha Purushas. We have used Frequency Embedding Technology to embed Navapashana Frequency, into this Navapashana Bead permanently. 

Dip this Rudrakhsa Bead in 200 ml of water and Mix it in 1 Litre of Water and consume the water for the whole day or for 2 days. Continue drinking this water. This helps to keep the Normal Healthy Body Frequency always. Also enjoy high energy levels.

This water will be quite useful in bringing back the normal body frequency for the Cancer affected people, whose body frequency will be at very low levels.

Price: Rs 500/- per Bead