Our Energy Study of many Sick Factories in INDIA and other Countries have clearly revealed that they have fallen sick because,

1. They are located in a Geopathically Stressed Ground, which has an adverse bearing on the behaviour of the workers and attitudes of the people. Machineries fail  which are installed in Geopathic stress crossings.

2. They enjoy very poor Cosmic Energy levels above the Earth. One should understand that presence of good energy levels only help to convert the efforts into successful results.

We are 100% convinced after studyig more than 1000 Factories for their Energy levels, that the above Factors are key to success of an enterprise. All the successful Factories/Industries are generally located in places which are FREE of Geopathic Stress and also enjoy very good Cosmic Energy Levels.

We have converted many Sick Factories into Healthy ones with our precise energy studies and corrections.

We have developed fool proof mechanism to study the Energy levels of your Factory  from the DRAWING of your Factory  itself.

You can send the Drawing of your Factory to us .We will study your Factory for thte presence of Geopathic Stress and Cosmic energy levels and send you a comprehensive Report marking the observations in your drawing itself FREE OF CHARGE..

We also suggest you the very easy and economical corrective measures which can be finished in a day to make your Factory Geopathic Stress FREE and  bring in a cosmic energy levels of more than 90%.

The same is applicable for offices and houses too!

Should you be interested and destined , you may e mail us to



Our Factory was suffering because of poor energy levels, resulting in poor business, strained staff / employee relations for many years.Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan checked the Energy levels of our Factory  and suggestd placement of number of Navratna Pyramids in various places inside our Factory. What a miracle happenned! Things started turning around within 20 days and there is no looking back then onwards! We are now working all the 3 shifts, still unable to meet the demand. The employee relationship is very good. I am very sure that Navratna Pyramids are the best solution for every suffering Factory and House. They create the required

I have since then recommened this to many of my suffering fellow Factory owners who were suffering. Their feedback is also excellent. My sincere appreciations for the great research work done by Dr.K.Kannan in this direction.  



I sent a Drawing of my Factory which is in Istanbul, Turkey to Dr.K.Kannan, at Chennai, April 2012. Dr.Kannan after studying the drawing,  suggested Geopathic Stress Corrections and enhancement of Energy levels using Navratna  Pyramids of various sizes. I imported Geopathic Stress Neutralizer Pads and Navratna Pyramids as suggested to my country and had them placed as suggested in the drawing. You will not believe! Results started pouring in from the next one month onwards and I started feeling very positive in my ourlook which is helping me tremendously in my business. I am grateful to Dr.Kanna for this timely help.  I have since started recommending this to many of my partners in business . I whole heartedly beleve that Dr.Kannan can turn around any losing business into a profitable one in no time. All the best.

Mr Bulent Ismen, Istanbul, Turkey