This is a sensational Energy based small Gadget , is a boon to the Two wheeler users.. It saves 20-30%fuel at minimum levels,  reduces more than 60% of Blck smoke emission, Makes the engine smooth and increases the acceleraion of the vehicle. It can be used in Motor Cycles, Scooters,Auto Rickshaws, Gensets, Oil Engines etc., Fuel gets highly energized when this gadget is used and therefore optimum combustion is ensured. Optimum combustion results in minimum or Nil emission of Black smoke.

The retail selling Price of this Gadget is Rs 225/-only. If you want to Distribute this product, you may e mail us, for the attractive Distributor Prices.


Remit in ICICI BANK : 007705009128-PORTOWORLD, KK Nagar Branch, Chennai 600 078, RTGSCODE: ICIC0000077