PORTOWORLD is the abbreviation of Port - To - World '.

PORTOWORLD has been actively engaged for the last 15 years in Wellness Business, Internationally. The activities of PORTOWORLD include, Innovating research based Unique Wellness Products and exporting them to the World, identifying unique Life saving and Life Extending Products and Importing them to India . PORTOWORLD, strongly believes in offering WHOLISTIC SOLUTION to Human Problems and Sufferings and has so far released more than 25 Unique Wellness Products to the World in the last 3 Years. Read More...

I sent my House drawing to Dr.K.Kannan and he immediately sent us the Energy Report of my House. All the Geopathic Stress lines were clearly marked in the drawing along with remedies. I kept the remedy products in the places marked in the drawing. I am very happy to say that I started feeling the effect of the Geopathic Stress Pads from the same day of installation itself. Great products. Great work done by Dr.Kannan for the benefit of the Humanity! 

N. Sundaram, Agro Scientist, Chennai , INDIA




 I bought one Instant Prosperiy Yantra in June 2012 and used it with all dedication and sincerity. What a surprise !                                 Our plan to have an Apartment of our own materialzed on the 12th day from the start of the Beej Mantra Programme, using this Yantra.  I am very much convinced that this Prosperity Yantra is most Powerful and fulfils your wish instantly.

Shruthi Sreeram, Singapore



The One Day Training Programme GEO COSMIC KARMIC & PLANETARY EMPOWERMENT SYSTEMS conducted by Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan is one of the Best couses ever conducted by anybody in the World. This Science only provides the wholistic approach to eliminating the Human sufferings, backed up by Powerful and effective remedial Gadgets. Hats off to Dr.Kannan for his inventions and his service to Humanity in addressing the Human sufferings.

Guru Ramji, Allahabad. UP INDIA

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Sufferings of Human beings arise from 5 different sources. Only when these 5 sources are addressed, the person comes out of his problems completely.

1. From the earth - Geopathic Stress.

2. Above the earth Energy - Inadequate an...

 Most Sinned are those who can afford but who do not spend money for their own health, their spouse and Children.

90% of the SICK Factories are because they are located in a Geopathically Stresssed Ground.
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Prosperity + Positive Energy Generating Navratna filled Golden Elephant.
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Drinking water energizer pad, helps to energize water by more than 100 times in 10 minutes!
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Drop this sensational gadget into your Bike\'s fuel tank and start enjoying 20-30% fuel saving for 2
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Oxygen+Nutritional Supplement
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